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Dr. Ingrid Johnson-Rodriguez, MSR, DC, PMA-CPT is licensed, and board certified nationally and in the state of North Carolina. She has been practicing Chiropractic in Greensboro, NC for 19 years. She is a graduate of Life University holding a doctoral degree in Chiropractic (DC), a master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation (MSR) from Logan University, and Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College (formerly known as Regents College) a member of The University of the State of New York. She also acquired a certificate in Public Health Concepts from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition, she has over 20 years of teaching experience with comprehensive apparatus Pilates equipment (Pilates reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower/Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Ped-O-Pull, and Pilates Mat/Props). Being classically certified and trained through Power Pilates, as well as Pilates Rehabilitation through Polestar Pilates, she has acquired the skills to be very diversified in customizing both Pilates techniques to meet the needs of her clients, which makes taking her class an exciting workout and educational experience.

Dr. Johnson-Rodriguez is a member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and is actively current and certified in the following Myofascial concepts: Full Body manual Active Release Techniques (ART), Instrumental Graston Technique therapy, Selective functional Movement Assessments (SFMA), Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation (FAKTR), Rock Taping, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, and muscle cupping. Some of the Chiropractic techniques that she specializes in are diversified manual spinal adjustments, Thompson drop technique, Activator, Cox-decompression/flexion Manipulation, and Sacral-Cranial Technique (SOT).

As a healthcare provider, Dr. Johnson-Rodriguez integrates Chiropractic, Pilates, and functional exercise rehabilitation using her experience, skills, and methods to treat many acute to chronic musculo-skeletal conditions from a healthcare and sports injury prevention perspective as well as providing awesome Pilates training sessions for everyone.

Having a background in collegiate volleyball, and a scholarship in modern-ballet dance from the Alvin Alley dance company in NYC, along with her Chiropractic and Pilates education and experience, she has acquired the ability to integrate and apply her skills to help herself and others recover from injuries, correct mechanical dysfunctions that may be inhibiting proper posture, active function and correct movements in sports and activities of daily living. Dr. Johnson-Rodriguez has many years of experience working as a physical therapy aide and Certified Nurse aide for several orthopedic facilities, both in a hospital and private practices. Over the course of 30 years, Dr. Johnson-Rodriguez has acquired extensive skills and has a sound knowledge base to help her patients and clients achieve their goals of functioning better, improving wellness, stability, and managing chronic pain. She has worked with and trained accomplished ballerinas, elite athletes, famous musicians, golfers, triathletes, architects, medical professionals, and many more, addressing a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to chronic disorders such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other women’s health issues.

Dr. Rodriguez is a native of Long Island, New York and has been residing in Greensboro, NC for 19 years. She loves to kayak and take long hikes with her husband and daughter. She believes in the concept of integrating wellness, injury prevention, and healthcare.

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